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Three Amenities That Will Help Attract Young Professionals to Your Apartment Community

If you want your luxury downtown apartment community to maintain its luxury image, then you want to make sure you're attracting the right kind of tenants. Young professionals often make wonderful tenants because they tend to be responsible and sociable, and since they are in stable, professional-level positions, they often stay in one place for a while. Here's a look at three amenities that will help you attract more of these young professionals to your community.

An On-Site Bar and Restaurant

Many young professionals love going out for dinner and drinks, but at the end of a long work week, they may not want to trek across town in order to do so. Opening a bar and grill-style restaurant right within the community is a good way to satisfy their needs. Your tenants will also love that this allows them to meet and interact with others who live nearby. Talk to local restaurant owners, and see if one would be willing to open a satellite location in your community. Even if it is open limited hours (such as weekends only), it can be a real asset.

A Fitness Center

So many people pay for gym memberships that they don't use as often as they would like because driving to the gym in heavy traffic is a chore. Offering an on-site fitness center will help you attract young professionals who are tired of paying for a wasted gym membership but also want the option of staying in shape and working out. If you're starting from scratch, just set up a room with a few treadmills and free weights. You can add more equipment slowly.

Dry-Cleaning Pickup Services

Save your tenants the hassle of having to run to the dry-cleaners every week. Young professionals often have plenty of suits and jackets that need cleaning. Schedule a time each week that they can drop them off at the community office. Alternatively, you could go door-to-door picking up your tenants' dry cleaning. Make sure you let them know ahead of time when pickup will be so they can ensure they are home. Weekend and evening hours often work best. Take the clothes to the dry-cleaner, pick them up a day or two later, and then deliver them back to your tenants' doors.

If you offer the kind of amenities and services that young professionals are looking for, you should have no trouble attracting them to your apartment community. Start with the options above, and then consider surveying your tenants to learn what other features would make life easier for them.