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Hanging Pictures In Apartments

Renting an apartment sometimes means you can't decorate it the way you want. Many apartments have regulations in the lease about making holes in the walls and ceilings. This may make it harder for you if you don't like bare walls and want to hang pictures or artwork. Even when it's allowed, if you make any type of holes or scratches on the walls, you may have to pay for it out of your deposit.

Choosing how to hang your pictures:

If your apartment lease allows you to hang things on the wall, it may mention a specific type of hanging hardware. If nothing specific is mentioned, be sure to use small nails and specially made hooks for hanging pictures. Use the smallest nail and hook combination that will hold the weight of your picture. If hanging things on the walls isn't allowed, there are alternatives that don't require any nails at all. These alternatives include:

  • Using adhesives or adhesive hooks
  • Hanging pictures on wooden frames and poles
  • Using display easels, racks or cases
  • Hanging pictures on wires suspended between poles
  • Using picture molding hooks

If you are using any type of adhesive on the wall, make sure it will be easy to remove even after it has been there for a long time. Some adhesives are difficult to remove once they've cured and can cause more damage in the long run. Also, most adhesive hooks are not very strong, so they are not recommended for large or heavy artwork.

When you move:

If you haven't nailed anything in the wall, then it should be easy when you move. You will not need to patch or touch up your walls. If you used nails, it's important to remove them and fill the holes before you move. You will need spackling paste, a putty knife and sandpaper. Spackle the hole with the putty knife and use the sandpiper to sand it flush once it has dried. Sometimes, the areas around where the art was hung get scuffed from the artwork being adjusted. Clean these with a soft sponge like a magic eraser. You may also need to touch up the area with paint.

Living in an apartment doesn't mean you have to put up with bare walls. The main thing to take into consideration is that you will have to return the apartment to its original condition. Even if you're not allowed to hang anything directly on the wall, there are still ways to display your pictures. If you are not sure about what you are allowed to do, ask your landlord for clarification. 

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