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5 Ways to Make Your Apartment Look Spacious

Everyone wants to feel like they have plenty of open and free space in their apartment. Even if you have a larger space, you can always make changes to make it seem even more spacious. So have no fear if you're out of creative ideas. Here are five ways to make your apartment look more spacious:

Keep the Windows Visible

This is the first thing to do if you feel like you want more space in your place. Windows let in natural light, which brightens a room and makes it feel more at ease. With windows, you can also see outside, which extends the space visually and makes it feel like your apartment is larger. Try experimenting with curtains that you can pull to either side of the window instead of blinds that may still block the window when they are rolled up.

Hang Some Mirrors

Like windows, mirrors can extend your space. When you look into a mirror, it looks like your apartment is longer and wider than it really is. Though this may seem like a simple psychological trick, it works wonders for creating an open feeling.

Stay Away from Dark Paint

While it may seem appealing at first to have one or all of your rooms painted dark for a "romantic" or artistic feeling, keep in mind that darker colors make the mind feel more closed in. Instead, think of beige, white, and even yellow in order to add more space with color.

Rethink the Furniture

Sometimes, you can make a great large space feel really small by placing the furniture right in the middle of the room. This effect is especially noticeable on smaller apartments. To make your apartment look bigger, place couches, tables, and chairs against the wall whenever possible. If you're still shopping for a couch, consider a style that can be arranged in an "L" shape, thereby allowing you to place it all in one corner.

Go Vertical

When it comes to storage, you want to think in terms of building up to the ceiling. Use tall bookshelves, stacked clothing shelves, and wall-mounted shelves above your bed. This lets you use up space that would go to waste anyway without taking away precious floor real estate.

Your apartment is your home. You should feel as comfortable and free as possible in your personal space. So use these quick and easy tips to make your space feel more spacious than ever.