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Possible Additional Fees After A Moving Service Estimate

When you request an estimate for a moving service, you will be provided with just that – an estimate. The estimate that you receive may not include some of the additional fees that come with the services the company will provide to you. Below, you will find information that can help prepare you for the fees that may not be listed on your estimate.

Location of Your Home

The area in which you live and the position of your home on the property can impact the price of services. A few examples are:

  • No street level access to the home – stairs to get in and out of the home.
  • Long walkways – if the movers have to carry furniture and boxes down long walkways, the move will take longer and you will likely be charged and additional fee for services.
  • No direct parking – If the moving truck cannot be pulled into a driveway directly in front of, or behind the house, or if the truck cannot make it down your narrow street, you will likely be charged additional fees. If the large moving truck has to be parked up the street, and your belongings transported using smaller trucks and then unloaded into the larger truck, you will be charged a substantial fee.

Contents of the Home

If you have unusual, heavy or awkward things to move, you could face an additional fee. Things like hot tubs, pool tables and pianos generally come with an additional moving fee. Not only are these things heavy, but they are difficult to move in and out of a house without causing damage to the item or the house.

Tip: If you can disassemble large items on your own, you can save on the cost of the fees associated with moving them.


If you have homeowners insurance, your belongings may be covered during the move. Some renter's insurance policies also include this protection. Before you agree to pay for insurance through the moving company, contact your insurance agent to learn if you are covered already. If you aren't you can ask about including a rider in the policy and how much it would cost. Sometimes, the cost of insuring your things for the move is cheaper through the moving company and other times it is cheaper through your insurer.

Knowing that additional fees could be tacked on after the move is complete can help you prepare and set aside a little extra money to cover them. Talk with your moving service to determine what fees may be added after the estimate is complete.

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