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Alternative Pest Control Methods To Bee Removal

If you are currently experiencing an influx of bees and the bees have decided to take up residence in places where they should not, you may want to eliminate this problem. However, if you are also an animal lover that does not want to hurt the bees but simply wants them to not reside under your garage workbench or in your defunct chimney, then killing them is not the answer. Here are some alternative pest control methods to remove bees from their current location.

"Drugging" the Bees and Relocating

It is possible to smoke the bees to the point they become groggy and disoriented. Then you can carefully remove the hive they have built on their own, box it up in a storage container with a lid, and then drive the entire hive to an open field about five-plus miles away. (Bees may travel between one and five miles away from the hive for nectar, and are able to find their way back, so you will want to remove them some distance beyond five miles to disengage the bees' ability to fly "home.")  Because bees also have natural homing devices built in via the worker bees'  Nasonov pheromone trailing system, you do not want them following their own pheromone trails back to their old nesting ground on your property.

Open the storage container carefully (and preferably with a beekeeper's garb on!). The bees may still be just slightly disoriented from their ride in the car, but no so much that they will not attempt to sting you. You could smoke them again in order to remove the hive and place it on the ground, but it would be smarter just to leave the container there as a gift to the bees.

Giving the Bees Their Own Space on Your Property

The bees might move on their own if you give them a good reason. Establish some empty hives on your property into which the bees can move and take up residence. Often when bees construct their own hive, it is because their queen did not want to wander any further to establish a home. Giving the bees their own quarters allows them to stay in the area they are familiar with without disturbing them or rousting them out completely. If they need a little helpful "shove" in the right direction, you may be able to hire a professional beekeeper to hijack the queen and place her in the hive you made for the bees.

Hiring a Bee Rescue Group

Bee aficionados and professional beekeepers do not want you to destroy the bees either. If you can find a local bee rescue group, the group can send representatives, a.k.a., professional beekeepers, to rescue the bees from their current location on your property. The beekeepers can then decide what to do with the bees, which often includes finding the bees a new home. Contact a business, such as ASAP Bee Removal, for more information.