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House Hunting Tips With Dogs In Mind

If you are on the market for a new home, you probably have a list of must-haves for potential properties. If you are an animal lover and hope to bring along dogs when you start your new life, ensuring that your new home will accommodate their needs is key. Here are four dog-friendly factors to keep in mind while house hunting.

1. A Great Yard

When it comes to real estate, many potential home buyers will be looking for space that has a great outdoor area as well. If you have dogs that will spend time outdoors, there are some specifics to look for when it comes to yards. Enough space to run and play, a shaded area for shelter, and a sturdy fence that can keep your dog safe should all be kept in mind when house hunting.

2. Parks and Nature Nearby

While a safe space within your property for dogs to exercise is important, getting them out and about might be a big part of their daily routine. If you can find a home that is in a great location for your dog, this will make walks to local parks, beaches, and trails accessible. You will be more apt to get your dog out there and stay active if this is easily accessible from your home.

3. Good Flow for In and Out Access

Making sure that your home has enough space to accommodate your family as well as your pets is important. Dogs might do best in a home that has a mudroom or entrance they can use if they need to be wiped down before coming inside. If you can find a home that allows dogs to freely and safely come and go through a doggy door, this will give them the freedom to access outdoor areas without your help.

4. HOA Rules

If you are looking into real estate that involves shared communities such as townhouses or condos, sometimes these homes will have strict HOA rules on pets. Be sure to get your hands on the HOA guidelines or call the property management group to find out if dogs are allowed. Sometimes realtors won't know all of the nuances about an HOA, so it is good to make sure a potential property is dog friendly before making an offer.

Having dogs can be rewarding and can make life fun. If you are looking to buy a new home, it is a good idea to keep your dog's needs in mind as well as your own. Sometimes it can be hard to find real estate that meets all of your potential needs, but if having dogs in your life is a deal breaker, don't forget to factor this in when looking into real estate.