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Tips For Making Your Home Pet-Free Before Selling

If you are working up to getting your home on the market, there might be a few updates and fixes you can do before showing your home. While you love your pets, there might be potential buyers that will be turned off by the sign of pets in a home. If you have pets, here are four ways to get your home looking pet-free before listing.

1. A Deep Clean and Damage Control

Cleaning your home top to bottom can get rid of pet fur and dander and can help those with allergies view your home with no troubles.  If your pets use the yard as a bathroom, be sure to clean this up before showings. If your cat has damaged any carpeting or furnishings, it is a good idea to remove or replace these before your home is shown to potential buyers.

2. Hiding Pet Supplies

If you are living in your home while showing it, hiding all pet supplies is a good idea before people see your home. While you might love your pets, there are others that can be quickly turned off by the idea of a home with pets. Your real estate agent might go so far as to have you remove photos of pets as well throughout the home, as this could be a distraction to potential buyers.

3. Getting a Handle on Pet Odors

If you have multiple pets in your home, there is a chance that there are pet-related odors that are sticking around. It can be hard for you to know if your home has an odor from pets, so be sure to ask your real estate agent's honest opinion. Opening windows during open houses and having candles or potpourri can help mask smells during viewings, but anything you can do to try to really get rid of odors for good will help sell your home.

4. Bring Pets With You During Your Open House

While your dog might be a really good outside dog or your cat minds her own business, they shouldn't be left behind at open houses. This can make potential buyers fearful or turn them off from your property. Your real estate agent will expect you to be scarce during your open house showing, and the same goes for your pets. Bring them along with you for the day or find pet care while your open house is underway.

Listen to your real estate agent's advice when it comes to actions needed to get your home ready to sell. If they have some creative solutions to make your home more pet-free, don't be offended. Your home will reach a wider audience and reminders of pets won't distract home buyers from your home's potential.