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3 Big Turnoffs For Townhouse Buyers And How To Combat Them As A Seller

With some areas being highly preferable to live in, townhouses offer more residents a place to call their own in that specific location. Even though townhouses offer advantages to buyers, there are some buyers who will let the downfalls of these properties get in the way when looking to buy, which can make it challenging for you as the seller. To make sure the turnoffs of a townhouse don't send buyers in a different direction, you have to know what the negatives of the situation are in the eyes of a buyer. Here are a few of the most common townhouse turnoffs and the simple fixes you can use to hold a buyer's attention. 

Turnoff: Townhouses often share walls with surrounding neighbors.

Fix: Townhomes tend to be built with shared walls because the idea of townhomes is to give as much real estate as possible in an urban area, so they are compacted against each other to save space. Unfortunately, this is often looked at as a downfall in the eyes of prospective buyers. To make sure this feature of your townhome does not turn a buyer off, make sure you highlight any existing soundproof qualities that are present. For example, if the townhome you are trying to sell has thick soundproof walls, tell them about this feature and even show off your ability to crank up the music or knock without bothering the neighbors. 

Turnoff: Townhouses can be a little difficult to get financed for as a buyer.

Fix: Even though townhouses have been around for a lot of years, their definitions are murky and a lot of lenders don't have a guideline for lending for these types of properties. In a lot of situations, this means a lender must list the property as a condo, which can mean more expensive terms for the loan. An educated buyer will know that townhouse financing can be tricky, but to combat the problem, pull together some resources on financing options or don't be shy about sharing your own financing route that you experienced. 

Turnoff: Townhouses can lack privacy outdoors. 

Fix: Even though a buyer may like the idea of a townhouse because it gives them a property in a location they want, they often turn their nose up at the lack of available privacy in townhouse neighborhoods. If possible, combat this issue by taking initiative to make the outdoor space more secluded. Consider adding a privacy fence in the backyard space or partition walls around a back porch. 

For more information on how to sell a townhouse, contact a real estate expert.