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3 Important Reasons To Maintain A Strong Working Relationship With A Real Estate Services Provider

Most people agree that professional guidance from a caring, knowledgeable real estate professional is critically important during the purchase or sale of real estate. But these same people may be surprised to learn that continuing to maintain a strong working relationship with their real estate services provider can offer them important benefits long after the date of their purchase or sale transaction. 

If you are wondering how a relationship with a real estate professional could be beneficial for reasons beyond buying or selling a home or other property, here are three good reasons to consider. 

Property Management Capabilities

Whether for career or family reasons, leaving a home unoccupied for long periods of time is never a good idea. In addition to the increased risk of vandalism and burglary, vacant homes can be more at risk for developing condition issues due to a lack of general maintenance and oversight. By building and maintaining a relationship with a real estate services provider, homeowners who must be away from their homes for a time can take advantage of property management services to find a suitable tenant during their absence or provide periodic inspections and maintenance until they return.

Contractor and Service Referrals 

Finding a competent, trustworthy contractor or service provider can be a struggle for many homeowners, especially those who are new to an area. Homeowners who continue to maintain a relationship with a real estate service provider after the closing has taken place will be better situated to enjoy referrals to the area's best home maintenance, repair and renovation contractors, as well as service providers in important categories, like carpet cleaning, lawn care and tree trimming. 

Home and neighborhood values 

Another important benefit that homeowners can enjoy through their ongoing relationship with an experienced real estate professional is access to updated information about their home and neighborhood values, as well as any development plans that could affect them.

Real estate agents can also provide homeowners with periodic assessments of the home's value, usually in the form of a comparative market analysis (CMA). This information can provide homeowners with the data they need to make decisions about remodeling or selling their home, as well as help them document the home's equity for the purpose of removing private mortgage insurance (PMI) payments. 

A relationship between homeowners and an experienced real estate agent can offer a wide variety of benefits for both parties. If you would like to learn more about the benefits your agent or broker can offer after the sale, take time to discuss your situation with a reputable real estate services provider in your area.