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Four Things to Remember as a College Student With a Summer Rental Storage Unit

When you are in college and going home for the summer semester, you might worry about the hassle of taking everything home with you. A storage unit can be a great way to keep your things near your school so that you don't have to move them too far. Here are some tips for keeping your things undamaged and organized in a storage unit until you return in the fall.

Rent a Unit that is Climate-Controlled

If you are going to put your television, computer or other electronic devices inside the unit, think about a storage unit that is climate-controlled. In the summer months, the heat and humidity might damage components inside your electronics. A climate-controlled unit will keep your devices moisture-free and cool so you can use them later.

Avoid Putting Your Boxes on the Floor

You might think nothing of stacking your things right on the floor inside your storage unit, but that could be a mistake. If water or another liquid from a nearby unit seeps into yours, your belongings might get damaged and you won't know about it until you return for the school year. To prevent this from happening, put your boxes on concrete blocks, crates or pallets.

Keep Microwave and Refrigerator Doors Open

You might have already cleaned out your refrigerator and microwave, but in order to prevent problems in the future, make sure you leave the doors open. There might be a bit of moisture inside of them that could cause mold and mildew if allowed to fester in a dark, sealed space all summer long.

Create a Map

You are likely to label your boxes so that you can remember what you put into them, but you might still have a problem locating particular items when all the boxes are stacked up. To give you a general idea where things may be, it's a good idea to make a map of the entire unit. You might want to leave the map inside the unit near the door, but if you do that, be aware that anyone else who gets into the unit will have a ready-made guide for finding items too. You might instead opt to bring the map home with you.

Renting a storage unit during the summer months can prevent you from having to take everything home and moving it all back when school starts again. Keep the above information in mind so that you can find your things and keep them in good shape for when you return. Ask a local storage unit company, such as Advanced Realty, for more suggestions about how you can keep your belongings safe.