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Spring Cleaning To Entice Potential Buyers

When winter ends, you may notice your home looks less than pleasing. Winter weather often leaves its mark on a home's exterior and surrounding landscaping. To improve the look of your yard and home, spring cleaning may be needed. If you are in the process of trying to sell your home, this becomes even more of an important task. Here are some of the main areas you should tend to as soon as winter weather appears to have ended, helping you to improve your home's look in an attempt to snag a buyer as a result.

Tend To The Roof And Gutters

After winter ends, your roof may be in disarray. Debris can be present and shingles may need to be replaced if ice or snow piled up on top of them for any length of time. Get up on the rooftop and sweep it with a push broom to remove any twigs, branches, old autumn leaves or pine needles from view. Afterward, do the same for the gutter system. This may be clogged with debris that could cause roof leaks, which would be a huge downfall if you have potential buyers looking at your home. Scrub the interior and exterior of the gutter system so it is functional and clean.

Clean Your Glass Panes

During the winter, snowfall will blow toward windows, leaving behind small amounts of dirt as a result. Cleaning windows can give your home a better overall appearance. Use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean both the interior and exterior of each window pane around your home. Use a piece of newsprint to dry each window pane as this is a method that leaves no streaks behind. If you are strapped on time before a potential buyer arrives for a showing, tend to the front windows or any that are facing a street where they may park. 

Remove Debris From Siding

If you have siding on your home, it can become rather grungy after a winter of inclement weather. Place an old towel around the bristles on a broom. Hold it in place with duct tape. Dip this into a commercial-grade siding cleaner and wipe down each panel manually. Afterward use a pressure washer to remove any soap from the exterior. Give any blackened areas a scrubbing with a mold removing solution.

Straighten The Yard

Make sure the front walk is free of debris so potential buyers have a direct route to your home without obstruction. Rake and scoop up any debris that may have accumulated from plowing or snow blowing and dispose of it in an area away from view. Add a few potted flowers to spruce up your porch and front landscape.

For assistance, talk to a spring clean up company like Seabreeze Property Services.