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Add Curb Appeal In A Weekend With These 10 Tips

Did you know that you can add some serious curb appeal to your home without spending a fortune? These 10 tips will have your exterior spruced up in a weekend, without needing to bring in a contractor. If you are getting ready to put your home on the market or just want a fresh new look, follow the below tips for easy, clever and best of all inexpensive updates to your home's appearance.

1. The focal point of your home is your front door, so add a fresh coat of paint to draw the eye to the entrance. Greens and blues are trending for colors, but you can never go wrong with a red door. Now is also a great time to attend to new door handles and light fixtures.

2. An easily overlooked, but very visible area of your front yard is your mailbox. The entire box can be replaced and some colorful floral plantings can make a huge difference. Be sure to keep any landscaping low so you don't overpower the mailbox itself.

3. Pots of plants in various sizes will enhance your entrance-way. You can find inexpensive plastic pots that look just like concrete and terra-cotta. Try lining your walkway with pots and group several pots of color near your door.

4. Make your siding and garage door look new again with a pressure washing. You can rent the machine just for the day from most hardware or home improvement stores. Be extra cautious with older homes and peeling paint. Pressure washing can cause damage quickly, so read and follow the instructions.

5. Few things look more inviting than a white picket fence. You can add a fence to just the front, or enclose the entire front yard. Add even more charm with an archway or arbor. Plastic resin fence pieces give you the look without the cost or upkeep of wood.

6. Add a seating area with a bench for a welcoming touch. Used either on the front porch or by the front walk, cover the seats with colorful cushions and surround it with plants in pots.

7. Replacing, adding or touching up the paint on your shutters can create a dramatic change in the appearance of your home. Stick to the windows on the bottom floor only, however.

8. Freshen up your landscaping quickly by filling in bare areas with plantings and pruning back overgrowth. Add some edging to your beds to define and bring attention.

9. Replace old, rotting trim and freshen up trim with paint, paying special attention to areas near the front door.

10. Another easily overlooked feature when adding curb appeal is your gutters. Replace any eyesores with new easy-to-use snap-in-place gutter systems.

Follow these inexpensive and quick fixes to add alluring and inviting curb appeal to your home and to sell your home fast.