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2 Ways To Prepare The Properties You Manage For Winter

As a property manager, it is your job to make sure that all the properties you manage are ready for winter. Here are two ways to ensure that all your properties are ready for this winter season. 

Schedule In-Home Inspections Of All Your Units

You need to schedule in-home inspections of all of your units. Make sure that you post advance warning notices before you enter any rental units in accordance with the laws of your state.

During this in-home inspection, check and make sure that the seals are in-tack around all the windows and doors. Windows and doors are two of the areas in homes where the most heat is lost. Fixing this for your tenants will keep their units warmer and reduce their energy bills this winter.

Make sure that all the plumbing is insulated. If you have fireplaces in your rental units, make sure that the chimneys have been cleaned out. If you have furnaces in your rental units, make sure that they are inspected and all maintenance has been completed.

If you find anything to be deficient, either fix them during the inspection or schedule a follow-up date to repair anything that was found deficient. 

Additionally, replace all the batteries in the smoke detectors during your inspection as well. If you use gas in any of your rental units, replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide alarms as well. 

Give All Your Tenants Tools To Fight The Ice & Snow

Next, in order to combat ice and snow this winter, make sure that you provide your tenants with the tools to stay safe. Your property management company should hire someone to clear all your sidewalks and parking lots; however, your tenants may need to access your parking lots and sidewalks before you get to clean them. The best way to keep your tenants safe is by providing them with the tools to watch out for themselves.

You should provide all of your tenants with a bag of an ice-melting agent as well as something to scoop and spread it with. That way, your tenants can sprinkle it on their walk-way on icy days before the sidewalks are cleared. 

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, you may also want to provide your residents with snow shovels or access to a shed with snow shovels. That way, if there is a lot of snow around their car or in front of their house, they will have the tools to clear it away.

Get your properties ready for winter by inspecting all your units and providing your tenants with the tools to deal with ice and snow. Taking these steps will ensure that your properties and your tenants are prepared for winter. 

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