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Having A Custom Home Built? A Few Things To Discuss With The Builder To Make It More Eco-Friendly

Having a home built is exciting and fun. You can finally have a house that perfectly fits your wants and expresses your personality. Before meeting with the custom home builder, take a few minutes and consider how you can have what you want while saving the environment. Don't think your only options involve buying energy-saving appliances. Here are a few things to consider.

Renewable Building Materials

Instead of using hardwood for your floors, use bamboo. It grows much faster than oak or walnut trees and is just as durable. If you prefer a specific color, you can have the wood stained either before or after the floor is installed.

Recycled Materials

More manufacturers are creating cabinets and countertops from recycled materials. Any time a feature is normally made from natural materials, such as wood or stone, find out what is available and look for a recycled alternative. Your home builder will have a list of companies that specialize in these items, but he or she will not think to mention it to you unless you talk with him or her about being eco-friendly.

Green Roof

A green roof helps to keep the house's carbon footprint low by increasing insulation and reducing the amount of energy used to heat and cool the building. It is also very effective at absorbing rainwater so it does not overload the sewer system. An overloaded sewer will cause sewage to back up into local waterways. This can lead to tainted or contaminated drinking water.

Low Volatile Organic Compounds

Regular paint, caulk, and sealants contain a number of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in them that are eventually released into the air inside your home. The compounds can cause dizziness, respiratory problems, and irritation in your eyes and nose. When the time comes to choose the products to finish the interior of your home, make sure the contractor is using the ones that have no--or very low amounts of--VOCs.

You are having the home of your dreams built to your exact specifications. When you use products that make less of an impact on the environment, you will not only be pleased with the way everything looks, but you will also be able to feel good about the way it was built. Using materials that are considered eco-friendly will not affect the way your home looks or feels in any way. It will, however, affect the world around you in a positive way.

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