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3 Tips For Making Sure A Townhome Is Quiet Before You Move In

If you are considering renting or purchasing a townhome, one of the major concerns you may have is noise. Because townhomes share a wall with the units beside them, noise can carry through one unit to the next. However, there are a few ways that you can check to make sure the noise level in the townhome you are considering will not disturb you. Below are three ways that you can determine if a townhome will really be as quiet as the realtor says it will be. 

Ask to Meet the Neighbors 

Because you will be living in close proximity to your neighbors, it is a good idea to ask to meet them before you agree to rent or buy a townhome. When you meet them, you may get an idea of how loud they are. You may want to ask about kids, pets, and whether they host gatherings. You should also ask how they feel about you having kids or pets and hosting gatherings.

If the neighbors seem particularly open, you may ask to enter their unit and send someone to your unit so you can see how sound travels between the walls. However, not all neighbors may allow you to do this. 

Hang Out Around the Neighborhood At Various Times

If you have determined that you are interested in a particular townhome, you should hang out in the neighborhood at various times of day. Ideally, your realtor will agree to show you the unit multiple times at different times of day or in the evening. This way, you will get to hear the noise level during the day and in the evening when your neighbors are more likely to be home from work and making more noise. This can give you a better idea if noise will travel between the units or not.

Check the Layout for Extra Noise Insulation 

While checking the home, you will probably not be able to open a wall and check the insulation. However, you can check to see if the home was designed with noise insulation in mind. For example, if one side of the home is hallways and all of the rooms are on the other side of the home, then there is an extra strip of sound insulation between your living space and the living space next door. However, if your hallway runs down the middle of your townhome, with living spaces on both sides, then it is likely that your living space is against your neighbor's living space, making noise more obvious.