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Finding Your Dream Home: Four Practical Considerations

When looking at homes for sale, you may get swept up in the beauty and size of the houses you want to look at, but there are several practical considerations to make to ensure you are happy with your purchase. As you begin your search for a house in your area, use this list to make sure you are taking a practical approach to home buying.

The Cost Of A Big House

If you are looking at large homes because you want a little extra space, you'll want to consider more than just the price tag on each house you look at. Large homes can come with large heating and cooling bills, so be sure to ask what the average utility bill is for each home you look at. Determine how much space you need, and try to look at only the homes that fit this range. You don't want to end up with sky-high utilities in your new dream home.

Stairs Or No Stairs

While the idea of having a home with stairs may appeal to some, for others it can be a problem. Consider the layout of each home with stairs to see what works for you. A home with a master bedroom on the first floor and the rest of the bedrooms on the second may not work for a family with small children. Some homes may only have a bathroom on one floor, which may also be an inconvenience. If you have trouble walking up and down stairs, you may want to limit your search to ranch houses instead of two-story dwellings.

Check The Plumbing

Your home inspector will check to make sure there are no leaks or other issues with the plumbing that might lead to problems down the line, but there are other aspects of the plumbing system you should check for yourself before purchasing a house. Run the shower and faucets to check the water pressure, and see how long it takes to get the hot water faucets to deliver warm water. While these may be small considerations, they may signal repairs you might have to do down the line. You may even want to smell the water, particularly if you are looking to move to an area with well water. Some wells can have water that smells of sulfur, which may require some additional work to correct.

Inspect The Lighting

Some homes may have built-in ceiling lights and sconces, while others will need to have lamps and lighting fixtures installed. If the home you are interested in doesn't have central ceiling lights, look to see where the electrical outlets are located and count how many are available. You'll need to have sufficient outlets for your lighting fixtures as well as for your other electronics. Ask whether or not there are junction boxes in the ceiling that are not being used. If there are, you can have ceiling lights or fans installed, but if there aren't, you'll need to have an electrician wire the rooms for hardwired light installations.

While these concerns may seem small before you purchase a home, ignoring practical considerations can result in purchasing a home that doesn't meet your needs. Be sure to check out every aspect of the homes you look at, and create a list of deal-breakers so you can narrow down your search and find your dream home.