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A Written Testimonial Is an Ideal Way to Express Thanks to Your Real-Estate Agent

After yourreal-estate agent has helped you buy or sell your home, you might feel inclined to find some way of thanking him or her. While you don't really need to give your agent a gift, a worthwhile way to express your gratitude is by writing a testimonial. Many real-estate agents list clients' testimonials on their websites, and taking some time to put your thoughts down can help the agent sign more clients—which is arguably the best gift of all. Here are some things to keep in mind when you write these words for your real-estate agent.

Explain What the Agent Did for You

Being as specific as possible is a good course of action when you're writing a testimonial. Make sure that you outline exactly what the real-estate agent did for you; this will help set the context for people reading your words online. For example, specify right away that the agent listed and sold your house or that the agent helped you find a house to buy.

Write How This Agent Was Different

Sentences that can help your real-estate testimonial come to life will focus on how this agent differed from other agents that you've used in the past. Given the competitive nature of the real-estate market, choosing your words carefully can help prospective clients see that your agent is one who will get results. For example, you could write how this agent was easy to get in touch with during the week or even on the weekend. This might be a contrast from your relationship with a previous agent who was difficult to track down. Or, you might write how this agent didn't bother you with unnecessary phone calls and emails; rather, he or she only got in touch when there was something important to tell you.

Share Why You'd Use the Agent Again

A powerful part of a real-estate testimonial is a section explaining that you wouldn't hesitate to hire the agent in the future. If this is the case, make sure to state it—and then explain why. For example, you might write, "The next time I need to buy a house, I will absolutely be calling on Cindy to help me again. Her friendly demeanor, mixed with her professionalism and attention to detail, make me eager to once again partner with this conscientious professional in future real-estate transactions."  

Using these tips can help make your testimonial more impactful and will help your agent know that you appreciate their hard work.