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How To Improve Christmas Curb Appeal When Selling Your House

If you want to sell your home, you may hesitate because of the holiday. The holidays don't have to mean forgoing a sell. You still want to create a good impression, since buyers see the outside of the home first.

There are ways to create Christmas curb appeal to boost potential sells. Here are tips to create curb appeal during Christmas.

Do a Complete Cleanup

Ensure all walkways, porches, driveways, and steps are free of ice, leaves, and snow. Dispose of dead trees and limbs.

Pressure wash the exterior walls and driveway. Working with a pressure washer can be dangerous. If you don't know how to work a pressure washer, hire a professional pressure washing service to hose down these areas.

Avoid Too Many Religious Decorations

There's a difference between seasonal and religious decor. Religious decor ties into a specific belief, such as crosses. Too much religious decor could turn away potential buyers.

Include more seasonal decor such as holly, evergreens, or wrapped presents. Decorate windows with bare garland or wreaths, but keep this to a minimum as well.

Make Outdoor Holiday Signs

Boost the holiday mood for potential buyers with homemade holiday signs. Turn old wooden pallets into a festive sign.

Sand them down, and paint them holiday colors. Paint on seasonal words such as "Joy", "Let it Snow, "or "Happy Holidays".

Enhance Your Porch and Door

Potential buyers should be able to see your porch from a distance. Decorate it with rosemary-wrapped snowflakes. Rosemary snowflakes can easily be seen from afar.

Add a giant wreath with a huge red bow to the door. If your porch has columns and rails, wrap a strand of lights around them. Set a mini sleigh or skates on the porch, and decorate them with bells and ribbons.

Embellish Your Mailbox

Don't overlook decorating your mailbox for curb appeal. Make the mailbox more festive with a simple holiday floral arrangement on top. These arrangements can include pansies, rosemary, and lavender.

Wrap a pretty garland and a red bow around the post. Embellish the garland further with nandina berries or poinsettias. Hang your personalized stockings. Increase the holiday spirit of the stockings by adding candy canes or holiday flora to them.

Even hanging a simple evergreen wreath on the mailbox will improve curb appeal. You can enhance this with a single string of lights. Paint a holiday phrase or greeting on wood, and attach it to the mailbox.

You only have one chance to make a good impression on buyers. Decorating for Christmas curb appeal should help boost chances of a sale. If you need help selling your house, contact a real estate agent