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Consider These Unique Housing Options The Next Time You Plan To Move

If you're the type of person who enjoys doing things differently, you can take this approach into your real estate dealings. If you're looking to buy a new place to live, it doesn't have to be something conventional such as a house, townhome, or condo. Instead, there are a number of different types of accommodations that you can seek — and many of them aren't very common. Here are some varied places you live that may entice you.

Tiny Home 

Interest in tiny homes is on the rise — just turn on your TV and peruse the show listings, and you'll often find one or more shows that focus on this type of living. As their name suggest, tiny homes are indeed small. Many tiny homes are just a couple hundred square feet, but are cleverly designed to give residents all the amenities they need in a small amount of space. Living in a tiny home can be desirable for many reasons. If you're a no-frills person who dislikes clutter, you'll need to live a minimalist lifestyle in a tiny home. Additionally, their size can make them highly affordable, and many tiny homes are kept on wheels so that they can be relocated to your desired destination.


While some people view houseboats as ideal vessels for renting and cruising around the lake, others know that a houseboat can be a suitable form of permanent housing. Many people live year-round in houseboats that are moored at their local marina. You'll enjoy the perks of a small living space, but also enjoy the ability to customize the interior of your houseboat with features and accessories that will make the space feel like home. And, if you love the water for boating, swimming, or fishing, you'll always be close to it.


A yurt is a structure that appears like a mix between a large tent and a hut, and while many people enjoy staying in yurts while camping at resorts, others choose to make this unique type of accommodation their permanent place to live. A yurt is ideal for those who enjoy no-frills living. The interior typically consists of a single room that houses your bed, furniture, and possessions. To live in a yurt, you'll want to be located in an area with mild winters, given that many yurts are wrapped in thick canvas that doesn't provide any real insulation from a harsh winter.