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Market Flooded? How To Make Your Home Stand Out From The Rest

If you have a lot of "For Sale" signs around your neighborhood, it can be difficult to sell your own home with so many options for buyers to choose from. When you have this amount of real estate for sale, it means the market is flooded. You need to make your house stand out from the rest in order to get some attention from potential buyers. See below for tips on how to make your home stand out.

Paint Your Front Door

Paint your door a different color than the rest. Check out the other homes for sale in your neighborhood and paint your door a different color than those homes. This way a potential buyer will remember the house with the bright front door. Think about using a color such as red or aqua, or use a lighter color like yellow or baby blue, or go dark with your door and paint it deep eggplant. Add some new hardware and house numbers to the door too to give it an overall beautiful and new look.

Add New Plants

Add new plants around your home to give it pops of color from greenery or flowers. You can plant them in your flower beds, use some new pretty planters around your front door, or purchase hanging baskets to hang around a porch. The beautiful colors will help make your home look more appealing and welcoming.

Install A New Mailbox

A new mailbox can add curb appeal. Look for something neutral in style, but newer than the old leaning or faded mailbox you had before. You can find kits at your local hardware store for mailboxes and posts that mimic a brick built-in post/mailbox. They are easy to install and can make your home stand out a bit more.

Trim Trees

Trim the trees around your home to allow better views of your home. If you can't see your house from the road, it isn't going to attract buyers - they need to be able to see the house. Trim trees, bushes and other landscaping around your home. 

Pressure Wash

A pressure washer can do a lot for your home. Pressure wash your siding to remove mold/mildew and other dirt or debris to make your siding and shutters look brand new again. Also pressure wash your concrete porch, patio, driveway and walkways to remove dirt and to make these areas feel and look cleaner. 

Make your home stand out from the other homes for sale in your neighborhood in order to attract buyers and to sell your home quickly. Talk to a realtor about other things you can do to separate your house from the rest.