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Why It Can Be A Good Idea To Hire A New Real Estate Agent

When you start thinking about selling your home and you're looking for a real estate agent to represent you, you'll often get the following advice from people: "Hire someone with a lot of experience." This is definitely not bad advice. When you hire someone who has been in the industry for a while, you know what you're getting and you can turn to past clients for plenty of reviews. However, hiring a new real estate agent is not the terrible choice that some people assume it might be. Here are a few reasons to consider hiring a newer real estate agent.

They'll be driven to work hard.

Someone at the start of their career is working hard to build a client base and make a name for themselves. As such, a newer realtor may be even more driven and motivated to sell your home than someone who has 10 years in the industry and 50 clients. Meet with the new agent, of course. If they seem like a driven, motivated individual in general, then their newness may actually be more of an asset than a burden.

They typically have more senior agents guiding them.

Most real estate offices have a good blend of new and more experienced agents within their walls. They encourage their newer agents to turn to the more experienced agents for advice, and they encourage the more experienced agents to help the new ones. So while you might assume that a newer agent won't have the answers to your questions, this is rarely the case. If they don't know, they will find the answers by turning to a more experienced agent.

They have to start their careers somewhere.

If nobody hires them because they are new, then they will never get the experience! If you put a bit of trust in them now, you'll be helping them build their experience and client base. In the future, if you need to hire a real estate agent again, they'll be happy to work with you because you hired them early on. They'll be more familiar with you and your needs and able to do a great job because of this.

They'll have a fresh approach.

The field of real estate is always changing. Someone who is new to the game will be familiar with all of the technological innovations that an older agent may not be in touch with. Since buyers are also increasingly using technology, you want someone who is familiar with real estate apps and listing sites — and that's often a newer agent. 

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