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Tips For Buying A Home Where You Can Comfortably Age In Place

If the time has come to downsize your living space and you've decided your next house or home will be your last, then it's important to select a home where you can successfully age in place. By making the right choice, you can make this your last move and set your future self up in a home where you will have access to all of its space and can keep yourself safe.

When buying a home where you plan to age in place throughout your retirement years, consider each of these tips.

Tip: Choose an Elderly-Friendly Location

Even if you are still vibrant and able to get out and enjoy everyday life without any limitations today, this won't be the case forever. As you age, simple things like driving to the store or getting around your community will invariably become more challenging.

Especially when you are looking for a home where you plan to age in place, it's vital you take the area's elderly-friendliness into account. 

For example, is there:

  • A hospital and high-quality healthcare providers near-by?

  • Plenty of shopping options close by?

  • A local senior center for socialization?

  • Active senior citizen groups or organizations?

When you plan to purchase your last home, it's vital you try to look at an area with an eye towards your future needs.

Tip: Select a One-Story Home with Few or No Stairs

While you can always have a ramp or stair-lift installed, it's a lot cheaper and easier if you select a single-story home where these things won't ever be necessary. By eliminating the need to go up and down the stairs, your older self will be safer, and you can ensure you retain access to every area of your home. 

Tip: Consider a Senior Apartment or Condominium

If you hate doing yard work or anticipate you may have many physical limitations as you get older, then you might want to seriously consider buying a condominium in an adult community or even renting a senior apartment. Adult community homes offer you the ability to have someone else to take care of the landscaping and exterior maintenance needs, while you get to live in an environment with other older people. Living in a senior complex helps to ensure you live in a quieter area. An adult community also allows you to be near other seniors you can socialize with without having to drive.

Tip: Work with a Real Estate Agent Experienced in Retirement Housing

Whether you choose to buy a single-family home or rent an apartment in a senior living complex, make sure you work with a real estate agent or broker who has a lot of experience with senior housing in your local area.