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Home Inspection: What It Entails

A crucial step you should never forget before signing the home buying contract is the home inspection. Ignoring or forgetting this process can have severe consequences down the line. The home inspection aims to find out if the home has potential problems that could shorten its lifespan or lead to unplanned renovations and repairs later on. When you buy a fully-inspected home, you ensure that you get what you bargained for in the contract. 

Here are the areas where home inspectors check. 

The Exterior of the Home

The first place where inspectors check is the home's exterior. Typically, it is the exterior of the house that gets damaged first. That's because of the direct contact of external structures with harsh environmental forces, including the sun, snow, rain, hail, and dust. If you buy a home with deteriorating exteriors, it won't be long before the damage starts affecting the interior spaces. Home inspectors usually check for signs of wear such as cracked siding, roof damage, gaping cracks on the walls, sagging walls, and pest damage.

If the damage is minimal, they will recommend minor repairs in their report. But, if the damages are widespread and extensive, you might want to reconsider the decision to buy the house.

The House Foundation

Another vital part of the home requiring a thorough inspection before moving in is the foundation. The foundation is what determines the structural strength and integrity of the entire house. If you ignore a foundation inspection, you might end up with a settled foundation, which might use up thousands of dollars to repair. 

Note that severe foundational damage might require more complex and expensive repair work than simple underpinning. Therefore, ensure that the house you want to buy has a healthy foundation because that will eliminate all future weaknesses. Your home inspectors should offer you a comprehensive report of the status of the foundation. 

The Condition of the Garage

Though it might seem negligible, the condition of the garage matters a lot when buying a home. Ideally, the house should have a garage or carport where you can keep your cars at night and shield them from bad weather. The garage should also be in good shape to avoid potential burglary. The home inspectors will check the condition of the garage and give the necessary recommendations. 

These are simple and yet crucial parts of the house to be included in the inspection process. Ensure that you hire a competent and reputable home inspector for a thorough and professional inspection of the property.