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Home Sales Recommendations To List And Sell Your Home Successfully

The time has come to list your home for sale and find the right buyer and the right sales price so you can move into your new home with confidence. There are some tips that can prepare you for the selling process and what to expect. Here are some recommendations to help you during the sale of your home in today's real estate sales market.

Know Your Home's Value

As a first step to selling your home in today's market, you should get a good evaluation on your home's worth. If you are working with a real estate agent, they can complete a comparative market evaluation on your home to determine its value based on home sales activity in the area. 

When you know how much your home's value is, you will be able to market it with confidence, knowing that your home's list price is up to the market's standards. Then, if you have a buyer who offers you a low bid, you can come back with the appropriate counter-offer. 

Consider Cash Offers

There are essentially two kinds of buyers in the real estate market: one with all cash and one who gets bank financing for the home purchase. As you are approached by different buyers, you will find that those who can pay entirely in cash can make the selling process a bit easier.

With an all-cash offer, you don't need to wait for the seller to get their financing and have approval from the underwriters, which can take weeks, adding this to the time for closing to take place. And when you are waiting on financing, there is the chance that the loan will not get funded and your home sale will fall through. But with an all-cash offer, you know that the funds are guaranteed. You can confirm this by asking for a proof of funds letter from the buyer's bank when you accept their purchase offer.

When you accept an all-cash offer, you may be willing to accept a price that may be a bit lower than what you are asking. However, because there are fewer opportunities for the deal to fall through, this makes the benefits worth the lower sales price. And you don't have to wait for a bank appraisal during the closing process and the home can be sold as-is without any difficult requirements by the mortgage lender.

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