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Safely Showing A Home For Sale When Worried About Tours

In order to make sure that buyers get the full effect of the home that you have listed on the market, it is common to allow home tours inside of the listed properties. Unfortunately, listing a property and allowing tours can come at major disruption if you live inside of the home. Even if you do not live inside of the house, you will still have to open the home to strangers for an indeterminate amount of time until the home is properly under contract. If you don't want to allow many strangers inside of your home, especially during the times of Covid-19, there are ways to mitigate risk while allowing people to properly visualize themselves living in your home for sale. 

Try a video tour

Video home tours are an excellent way to show off every corner of a house without having buyers do a walk-through. A photographer can come and create a visual walkthrough of your home that will allow buyers to rotate pictures of a room 360 degrees to see every aspect of the space. Photo-video walk-throughs make it easy for out-of-city or out-of-state buyers to come to a decision about your house prior to needing to make a trip to your home. Some buyers have even made a decision to purchase a home via video tour. 

Offer a few open house days

If you prefer to keep the home free of germs and still safe for yourself, opening to the public at all times is a bad idea. Instead, you can offer a few open house days that are hosted by your own agent or even by yourself. This will allow buyers and their own realtors or representatives to come and walk through the home at one time, rather than having a new set come daily. After the open house day is complete, have a cleaning company come to do a full deep cleaning with disinfectant to keep the home in good health. 

Make sure your agent has home plans

Most home buyers want to make sure that the house has the layout and amount of space that they need. Determining these measures can be done with the home plans first. Provide an up-to-date set of home plans for your real estate agent to provide along with your listing full of interactive photographs. This will weed out those that the home is not a match for and will ensure that you only get those serious about putting in an offer. 

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