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Single Tenant Net Lease Investment Properties And Their Benefits

Real estate can offer wonderful investment opportunities. Land and other types of real estate property tend to increase in value over time. Additionally, property owners who lease their properties to tenants can receive monthly profit, especially once the property owner's mortgage is paid in full.

Nevertheless, many prospective investors may be unable to afford a large multi-tenant property, such as apartment complexes and duplexes. Yet, there may still be investment opportunities available to them.

Single-tenant investment properties tend to be more affordable and can still yield a sizable investment return. Here is a bit of information about single-tenant lease properties and their benefits.

What Is a Single-tenant Net Lease Investment Property?

A single-tenant net lease investment property is a commercial real estate property that is leased to only one tenant. The tenant pays all the expenses and taxes associated with the property. This type of investment can be a good way to diversify your investments and mitigate risk.

What Are the Benefits of a Single-tenant Investment Property?

The benefits of investing in this type of commercial property are many. For example, it can be easier to secure financing for a single-tenant lease investment property than it would be for multi-unit commercial properties because there is only one tenant. Additionally, since the tenant is responsible for all the expenses, the investor can enjoy greater profits. Also, if the tenant does not renew their lease, the investor only has to find one tenant to replace them, so marketing and searching for tenants is less labor-intensive. Nevertheless, these types of properties usually have a high tenant retention rate.

How to Evaluate a Single-tenant Net Lease Investment Property?

Investors who are planning to invest in a single-tenant investment property should be sure to evaluate prospective properties before investing. Here are a few questions to consider during your evaluation process:

  • What were the details of previous leases on the property?
  • How long were the previous lease terms?
  • What are the cash flow projections for this investment?
  • What is the upfront cost of the property?
  • Is there any debt associated with this investment?

Net lease investments offer a steady stream of passive income. This type of property is also appealing because it comes with a minimal amount of risk. Investors can find single-tenant net lease properties through brokers, private sellers, and commercial real estate agents.

To see a list of single tenant investment properties available in your local area, schedule a consultation with a commercial real estate professional.

For more information on single tenant net lease investment properties, contact a professional near you.