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Waterfront Property Security: What To Look For When Purchasing

Living on the waterfront is a dream for many people. The tranquility of the water and stunning views can make it feel like a paradise. But before you rush into purchasing your own slice of waterfront real estate, there are some important security measures to consider.

This article explores all these options so that you can make an informed decision when buying your perfect waterfront home. 

Look for Secure Fencing

When it comes to waterfront property security, you need to consider the quality and condition of any fences surrounding the property. A securely constructed and well-maintained fence can make all the difference in terms of keeping you, your family, and your investment safe from intruders. 

Fences should be installed around all sides of the property, with no gaps between posts or boards. The posts should also be sunk deep enough into the ground that they remain standing even against strong winds or water-borne debris. If a wooden fence has been installed, it should be stained or treated regularly to protect against rot due to humidity or moisture.

In addition to providing an effective barrier against potential intruders, a secure fence can protect your property from vandalism or other damage by curious passersby. Any gate locks should be visible from the outside and sturdy enough to deter forced entry. If possible, motion-sensing lights could also be added around fence lines for extra security and peace of mind. 

Having a secure fence not only gives you greater control over who can access your waterfront property but also offers added protection for anyone spending time by the water's edge. 

For these reasons, when purchasing a waterfront property, make sure you evaluate the condition of the existing fencing. Also, look into any areas where additional fences may need to be installed to guarantee maximum safety and security for everyone involved.

Research Access Points

Aside from securing fences, it is also important to understand what access points may exist on and around the property. If any public paths or pedestrian crossings lead directly to the waterfront, additional security measures may be needed, such as an electronic access gate or CCTV cameras.

Even if there is no physical access point, finding out whether the property has a direct view of any public areas is equally important. If possible, it would be wise to install blinds or plant trees to create a visual barrier. This can help deter people from loitering on your property and potentially casing the place for burglaries or other criminal activity.

In addition, if the waterfront property is directly adjacent to any public beaches or boat ramps, it's a good idea to research the local laws and regulations that govern access. This will help ensure you don't inadvertently give anyone on the water an easy way onto your property.

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